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Berwick Street


Public art commission for Latitude Architects & PMB Holdings. 

AbiCAD Client: Argonaut Powder Coating Ltd.  

Local Soho artist Tom Gallant created images inspired by Huguenot art by tracing elements of the original art and using mirroring techniques creating symmetry and an architectural feel.


The design of the art panels have gone through a complete transition, originally specified as glass rainscreen with digitally printed artwork. 

They were later developed by Argonaut to be made from a triple layer aluminium on the Berwick St elevation and double layer with stainless steel top layer on the Hopkins St elevation, with the artwork laser cut from the middle and top layer.  


AbiCAD got involved to help Argonaut design how the three layers could be fixed together to maintain consistent design principles in line with Latitudes original design intent and to create manufacturing drawings. This included working with Tom to import artwork into Solidworks models and create flat pattern files for laser cutting machinery.  

berwick 4.jpeg
berwick 3.jpeg
drawing 3 .jpg
drawing1 .jpg
drawing 2.jpg
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