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The Stage

STAGE 3.jpg

Historic Exhibition Shoreditch London

AbiCAD Client: Argonaut Powder Coating LTD

Clad in "curtain form" bespoke stainless steel rainscreen panels and roof sheets. 

With elevated landscaped gardens, and a new world-class heritage centre at site of the recently discovered Curtain Theatre, The Stage is set to become a new cultural landmark for London.

"Building 7" The Stage, is inspired by the discovery of the remains of
Shakespeare’s Curtain Theatre, dating back to 1577.

Archaeologists now believe they could be the best preserved
examples of an Elizabethan theatre in the UK.

We know Shakespeare wrote at least 37 plays. Two of his greatest,
Romeo & Juliet and Henry V, were premiered at the Curtain Theatre.
After 7 years of painstaking work, Shakespeare’s Playhouse will
once again come alive to provide London’s greatest legacy to the
world’s greatest playwright.

STAGE 3.jpg
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